The world is beautiful, but also a fucked up place. Humans can be cruel when it's about money, power, or dumb stuff like that. So I decided to donate 30% of the money that I earn with clothing to aid-organisations like animal-rescue, environmental protection, people in need, etc. I don't want to watch the world burn if i can do something against it. It's not even a big thing, I'm just sending money there, where it's having a purpose. It takes not even a minute and it's helping so much. So if you are buying WF stuff, you are also helping. And I'm really appreciating every single one of you.

I think people know what of a big problem we have and if we do continue, we won't exist any longer. And some even care, but most of them don't, because they think their personal problems are bigger. It sounds clichè, but we only have this one planet, and we are destroying it and every being that's living here. 

All this suffer and destruction is weighing on every single one of us, even if we might not notice, but 

subconsciously it is. We become broken, sad, suicidal and we need meds, to to be able to take all this.

It sure is a big mess.

I know, my donations won't help to get everything right but it's a small part, wich is as important as any other part, every big move starts within the individual.

The following is a list of organisations that i'm going to support:

Animals Asia

Jeder Tag zählt




Vier Pfoten

Ocean Care

There are a lot more, but I'm going to start with them.